Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Surgery Day

I am going in this morning at 5am for what will hopefully be the final surgery. I can't have coffee, so I am sitting here with a cup of coffee grounds, that I lift up and occaisionally inhale.... hey whatever works, right?

Since I ripped the one side out, and it feels to me like it is hanging down to my belly button, the plastic surgeon will be using a "lift kit" to try to bring it up and try to make it even with the other side. The physician looked at me and said "Susan, it isn't hanging down to your belly button." He proceeded to get a ruler and measure the distance it was off from the other one. It was about an inch, but it seems to me more like 3 feet. He said that one of the options would be to lower the left side to match the right side. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? This is the only thing that I have had to actually look forward to throughout the entire year, that I was going to get new improved boobs, and you are telling me to compromise.... NO FLIPPING WAY!
I was ready to rip it out and start over if that is what it was going to take, but he said that he though he could do a decent job of bringing the left side up. He said it is more difficult, but doable.

So, I guess you consider it as my water breaking! (You know, get it? The expanders are filled with water) And I will be bringing home the twins today. I will have to let you know if they are colicky.

Oh, and one more thing.... the doc banned me from any strenuous physical activity for 6 WEEKS! No Swimming, running, biking.... he said I could walk. He said that he tells most of his patients 2 weeks, but for some crazy reason, he thinks I would over do it.... hmm, wonder why?


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