Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My hair is growing like crazy...

...both of them! :0 I have two dark hairs that stick straight up right on the top of my head. They seem to be growing at an advanced pace compared to the rest of the peach fuzz that coats the remainder of my skull. It is going to be time for a haircut soon.

I am finding that the bare skull can be a little cool as the temperature drops, so the other day I tried out a funky but comfortable beanie that one of the lady's from the morning swim session gave me. It is made out of multi-colored soft furry stretchy yarn. It kind of resembles a punk hairdo. When Hailey saw it, she said I looked like a clown, and Mike tried to refrain from laughing out loud. I then decided to try one of the wigs with another beanie. Hailey then told me I looked like a homeless person. I didn't want to stop at homeless, so I put the multi-colored hat on with the wig and came back out to show off my new look. Hailey said "Now you just look like a homeless clown".

I think I will stick to my plain gray soft beanie.....


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