Friday, October 24, 2008

Fill 'Er Up!

Well I got my first "fill" in my expanders... 250cc on each side. They are already bigger than what I had before the mastectomy, and I go back in for another fill in a couple of weeks. I am glad that I don't have dented breasts, but I felt a little self conscious when ICheck Spelling put my swimsuit on to go to practice. I almost wore a drag suit or my rashguard, but Brittney convinced me that they didn't look over sized. I don't know what I am going to do when they get bigger. It is kind of like breast feeding all over again, but they are filled with saline instead of milk.

Maybe people will quit calling me sir, or they will just point and say "check out the dude with the big boobs". I guess I should wear pink.

My hair is already 1/4" long, except for my two "long" hairs that are 1/2" long. (I really did take a ruler to measure it.) I am also starting to get itty bitty microscopic eyelashes. I can't see any eyebrows yet, but hopefully they will be filling in soon.

I am getting more energy back. I would probably be even better if I could sleep past 1AM.

PS. I made sure I didn't take a hot shower.... I don't want anything to shrink, so I wash in COLD!


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