Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is it... Last Chemo Today

I have been up since 1AM, so I figured I better write now just in case I fall asleep this afternoon before I get a chance to post a blog. The Decadron and Hot Flashes don't make sleeping very easy.

I am going in for the MUGA scan at 7a.m.. This will determine how my heart is functioning... hopefully it is not broken. :( After I am done with that, I will have my last chemo, get my parting bouquet of flowers, and hopefully never have to go back again.

My appointment to see the Gastroneterologist was rescheduled for tomorrow, then I see Dr. O, the Oncologist on Friday. I had my chest xray, they called afterwords and wanted to send it the the doctor that put in my port. It must not have been too serious, since I never got a call back from the the surgeon, and the port seems to be working. I was going to have the port removed immediately, but that would mean more healing time and not being able to get in the pool, so I figure I will have the stupid thing yanked out when I have my implant surgery.

I had my appointment with Dr. B (plastic surgeon) and I will start the expansion next week. He is unsure if I will be able to have the surgery for the implants by the end of the year. I am just looking forward to having something a little rounder and less lumpy. Right now they look like under whipped mashed potatoes in a baggy... not pretty. I was hoping I wouldn't have to have a general anesthesia for the surgery, but he said that is not possible. After the first surgery, and having to deal with being practically deaf in one ear for 4 months, I am a little leery of them shoving a tube down my throat again.

I didn't really get clearance for the Aquatic Center, but he didn't say that I couldn't go, so I am going to go today and see if I can swim at least a 200 without stopping. I went swimming last week, but I am so short of breath, I have to break my workout down into 50s or 25s. It does feel good to get back in the pool. I just haven't really got my energy back in the last month. Next month I will be talking about how I did an 800 without stopping.... :) Maybe with the expansion, I will have a little extra buoyancy.

Mike and I have been walking Hailey to school in the morning, that is a 2 mile walk. We have to go slow, because Tina is with us and she is really slow, but at least it is exercise.

... and I am off to swim, get scanned, have chemo then sleep! (Hopefully in that order)


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