Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally... An Update

Not much has changed... I am still tired and a little cranky. I had Taxol #3 last Tuesday, and have one more to go. I saw Dr. O on Friday and told him that I was feeling very short of breath and told him about some other symptoms that I was having, that you really don't want specifics on. My Liver Enzymes were still a bit high, so now I have appointments for a Chest Xray, MUGA Scan, and an appointment with Dr. C, the Gastroenterologist. See what you get when you complain? A very busy week. I have been getting by on Treatments- Lab -Doctor, the "fabulous three" for a month.... how boring is that? It gave me way too much time to take naps.

I am still doing my coaching for the swim team 3 days per week. I don't have the endless energy that I used to have, but hopefully it will come back. When I am on deck working with the kids, I tend to forget how tired I am until I have to come home and make dinner. I have an amazing 4 year old swimmer that keeps up with the 9 year olds. She said, "Coach Susan is going to take me to the lympics"... I guess I better get my energy back!
There are 10 new kids that want to start Pre-Stingers, which is the beginning swim program that I piloted when I started coaching last year. That will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting in October after my treatments are done. I will be back to coaching 5 days per week, and hopefully somewhat normal by then. The good thing about coaching swim is, if I wear my suit, I can get in the pool when I am having a hot flash.

Sooo... only one more treatment to go next Tuesday! Then I am on to bigger and better things, like round breasts! (And hopefully some hair)


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